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[Tutorial] sgtfalconca's forum signature 
17th-Nov-2011 02:58 am [graphics, tutorial]
This is a tutorial on how to make the following sig made for my guildie, sgtfalconca (of the SWTOR guild Relic):

From this wallpaper to:

This tutorial is for photoshop. I am using Photoshop CS, and I'm not sure if it works in lower versions.

1) Crop and resize your image until it's the size you want. In this case, I made this sig 400x153 (weird size, I know, but I wanted to get all of the head and most of the gun in).

2) Duplicate your base and set to screen, 25% opacity. I wanted the machinery in the background of the wallpaper to be a bit lighter, so I used a large smudge brush on the base, so the only part with the machinery was the screened layer on top. View image here.

3) From here, I did a bunch of colour modification, from a tutorial by MagiiCal.Pink (which is not open to public access, but the forum it's on is here).
  1. Add a Selective Color Layer.
    Reds : -100, +100, +100, 0
    Yellows : -100, +50, 0, 0
    Neutrals : +20, +15, 0, -25

  2. Add a Color Fill Layer with #f0ff00 and set to Color Burn.

  3. Add a Selective Color Layer.
    Reds : -100, +10, 0, 0
    Yellows : +20, +20, -70, 0
    Greens : -50, +50, 0, -30
    Neutrals : +100, -10, -50, 0

  4. Add another Selective Color Layer.
    Reds : -100, +5, +30, -10
    Yellows : +100, -30, -100, 0
    Greens : -60, +30, -5, +20
    Whites : -15, +30, -20, 0
    Neutrals : +10, +20, +5, -20

  5. Add a Color Balance Layer.
    Midtones : -10, +30, +10
    Shadows : +20, +10, -20
    Highlights : -15, -5, +15
    Ensure Preserve Luminosity checked.

  6. Add a CurvesLayer.
    Channel RED : Dot1; 16, 8 / Dot2; 222; 180
    Channel GREEN : Dot1; 127; 135
    Channel BLUE : Dot1; 115, 132
    ("Dot 1" means when you click on the box, it makes a dot, type in the values. For the Channel RED, you click again to make a second dot, and put in the second set of values)

  7. Add the last Selective Color Layer.
    Greens : +100, +100, -100, 0

In the end, the image looks like this.

4) Add this texture and set to overlay (from full sized texture from Aethereality).

5) Add this texture (can't remember where from =X) and set to screen. Move it around until you like how it looks.

6) Add a 1 pixel border in whatever colour you like (the one here is black - #000000).

7) Add a new Color Fill Layer with #000020 and set to exclusion.

That's the base! The rest is text and frills =).

8) Below the adjustment layers in step 3, but above the layers in step 2, I added my text, in this case "sgtfalconca" in the font "Fairydust," all lowercase.

9) Open the blending options for that layer and check "Outer Glow." The default settings should be fine (color: #ffffbe; opacity:75%; blend: screen; etc).

10) Then I added the relic logo.
  1. I started with the outline available on the forums: Logo here and I pasted it in a new file.

  2. I selected the layer and expanded the selection so it wasn't so thin (use 2 or 3, because it expands on both sides of the selection). I may have made my canvas bigger before this, so the selection didn't hit the edges.

  3. I used the magic wand (I know, I know) to select the parts of the logo I wanted to color. In this case, it was the inside of the logo. Then, I made a new layer, and filled it with a black-to-white gradient. If there's any spaces, expand your selection by 1 and then fill a layer behind the gradient with black.

  4. From here I changed the image size to 100x100 pixels, but you could just as easily do all the resizing once you've pasted the image.

  5. Flatten everything, and copy and paste it into the sig image. I set mine behind everything but the very first layer, so the colours blended.

  6. If it looks too sharp, duplicate the layer, and filter the lower one with a Gaussian Blur (radius 1 or 2, depending on how much of a blur you want).

And the end! Here's my layers in photoshop, as you can see from the numbers, I did this in not quite the same order, but I thought explaining it from bottom to top would be easier =P.
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