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3rd-Mar-2006 07:41 pm - Site Up [graphics, icons]
Edit for Crap.

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So, Opinons? On anything. Site, Icons, life, cookies, writing... etc.
26th-Feb-2006 05:04 pm - Story - Finally [stories]
Yeah, here's the story that I wrote for English. It's kinda... weird. If you've read the right books, you'll probably get the inspiration right away. Any if you haven't, well then it'll seem all that more original.

Title: The Uniform
Word Count: 609
Rating: PG - Actually I would say "G" but there's deaths and mentions of cross-dressing.
Notes: Short read. The assignment was "The Positive Power of Loss." Pretty easy to pick out, but we also had to have a symbol and irony.

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Wow. Two posts in one day. I kinda want to post this somewhere else, you know, where someone other then me and possibly clocktowerkiss might see it, but I don't know where. Oh well.
26th-Feb-2006 03:50 pm - February Icons [graphics, icons]
Yes. Feb icons of doom.

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Also posted @ _fficons, f_f_icons, & ff_icon_shoppe
... which I screwed up the second image on ALL of those posts.

In other news, new banner is on the way. Plus, I've been commissioned by clocktowerkiss to make her a layout before her paid account stuff is up. So, here's me making sure I know lj's coding crap. And I can't actually check if it works before I give it to her, so I'm having to go by staring at the code and hoping it's all right.
6th-Feb-2006 08:06 pm - Icon Fiend 100 (+19 icons) [graphics, icons]
antique cafe

Series: Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Theme(s): 3, 13, 19, 21, 24, 25, 30, 37, 41, 44, 46, 50, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60
# of icons in post: 19
# of icons completed total: 34/100


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Table of Insanity.

5th-Feb-2006 01:07 pm - 4 FFX Icons [graphics, icons]
yes! I got my computer back today. And, while most of my stuff is gone... my compy ish back! *g*

so, here's those icons of FF that I made before the computer went *pluh*

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Also posted @ _fficons, f_f_icons, & ff_icon_shoppe

Okay... um... more icons that are not for iconfiend100... *cough* yes I know *badbadbad*

So, I used 6 pictures of kaza_hime, who's a friend of mine and made 6 icons. They all say "Iris" just like the one I made for her.

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... and i'm sure that's all for today. Honest.
31st-Jan-2006 10:42 am - Okay... more Aeon Flux .. crap [graphics]
Again, with the making of things that I totally shouldn't o_O;

*bashes head* must. work. on iconfiend100! GAH!

But anyway, I made this wallpaper in about 5 minutes. Really. It's kind of crappy, but it's Aeon flux and therefore = goodness. God I love Charlize Theron.

And okay, so the movie was kind of crappy. I mean, lack of storyline, and it was really short and... yeah. But the lighting, and the scenes and Charlize Theron totally made up for it.

wallpaper under cutCollapse )

Oh and I'm super hyper. I just had Japanese class. WOOO JAPANESE CLASS!!! and... and... Sensei is really cool. And funny. moop! oh, and go over to yakusoko's LJ, there's this post about a message her cousin send her. Read it.
30th-Jan-2006 09:56 pm - Icons of doom... or Aeon Flux [graphics, icons]
*smacks self* okay I should totally do icons for iconfiend100 instead of random ones but... I just saw Aeon Flux and I just HAD to make icons for it. So! here are 9 Aeon Flux icons without words that you can use for whatever, and one that says "Aeon Flux" because I'm cool like that.


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lol. And so no one sues me, I don't own Aeon Flux. Or anything realated to it.
29th-Jan-2006 10:41 am - Icons only post [graphics, icons]
Okay, so I just posted the big table of doom.

However, I'm also making a post of just the icons.

For iconfiend100.

Series: Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Theme(s): Kiss, Loneliness, Hug, Winter, Innocence, So Far Away, Stars, Beginner's Luck, Misery Loves Company, Starving, Joy, Lace, Choice, Choice, Choice.
# of icons in post: 15
# of icons completed total: 15/100
Credits: Beyond the Camera's Lens.


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Table of Insanity

That's all, bye!
29th-Jan-2006 09:56 am - Iconfiend100 post! [graphics, icons]
Okay so, here's my "table," which I will post my icons of insanity on. The icons are for iconfiend100's challenge.

Series: Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
# of icons completed total: 015
Credits: Beyond the Camera's Lens

tableCollapse )

Woot, so that's it. Take if you want, just credit ^^.
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